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Data you will receive

Website - Business Name - Description - Shop Category - First Email - Additional Emails - All Emails - Platform - Phone Number - Contact Us Page Link - City - State - Country - Currency - Est. Monthly Sales - Est. Products Sold - Plan - Theme - Installed Apps - Technology Used - Est Monthly Page Views - Est Monthly Visits - Shipping Partners - Facebook - Facebook Followers - Instagram URL - Instagram Followers - Instagram Posts - Twitter - Twitter Followers - Twitter Posts - LinkedIn - YouTube - YouTube Followers - Pinterest - Pinterest Followers - Pinterest Posts - Tiktok - Tiktok Followers - Keywords - Language - Status

How can I make money with this data?

1Cold Email Blast
Use a Cold email service or use B2B Hippos cold email service for a email campaign for your business or service.
2Social Media Outreach
Add your target market on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ect to get their attention and get a cheap marketing medium.
3Find Trends or New Business Ideas
Find a new busisness idea or trend by looking at the Estimated Monthly sales. You never know what you may find with our list.
4Cold Calling
Cold Call your market with our data to try and get more sales.
5Sell Plugin
With our list you can easily see if they are using Shopify, WooCommerce ECT. If you are selling a plugin or service on these platforms you can do a cold outreach campaign.
6Digital Marketing Outreach
You have all their social media info.. if they are lacking lets say on Instagram marketing. Don't have Facebook pixel installed on website. You can contact them and sale your services.
The possibilities are endless if you have an abundance mindset and have a vision. Use this data to grow your business.